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Proudly Providing a Wireguard VPN since 03/01/2017

Dedicated VPN servers matched to a Tiny Hardware Firewall VPN endpoint

Build your servers in 19 cities around the globe

It is time to put some hardware between you and an increasingly hostile Internet.

If you need a fast stealthy VPN Endpoint then you need BlackHoleCloud.

If you need Tor then you need your own Private Tor Bridge.

If you need a VPN then you need your own VPN server.

BlackHoleCloud is a new more complete approach to Security, Privacy, and Anonymity.  It uses OpenVPN, Wireguard, Stunnel and Tor with or without obfsproxy. It pairs a hardened TinyHardwareFirewall end point with bespoke  VPN servers are built for and dedicated to you.  You get up to three of your own VPN server(s) with no logging, setup in countries and cities that you choose, there are 19 cities to choose from.  Only you will ever use these servers.  There will be no fighting for bandwidth and you will never pay a penalty or get banned from a web service because of someone else's bad behavior on your server's ip address.  

If you require a layer of anonymity on top of the privacy and security BlackHoleCloud provides, Tor is just a mouse click away.  If you ever need to cloak your VPN or Tor connection so that your traffic looks like regular Internet traffic, just point and click.  There is no software to trust, download and install.  This is truly a plug and play solution.

Every device you connect to your THF can be connected to any of your VPN servers, Tor, and optionally be protected from ads, trackers and malware.  There is  no software to download, trust, configure or install.  Since these are real hardware firewalls your devices will be invisible to anyone, whether they are five feet or five thousand miles away.

Introducing our newest and fastest security solution: the IGRJ17091.  Dual Radios: 802.11ac 5Ghz and 802.11b/g/n 2.4Ghz. 

OpenVPN, OpenVPN wrapped in Stunnel, Wireguard VPN, Tor and more.

  1. Fastest USB powered WiFi available.

  2. OpenVPN, WireGuard VPN, Tor via Tor bridge or Tor via VPN.

  3. Captive Portal friendly.

  4. Use a tethered phone as the Internet source.

  5. Unlimited bandwidth, Malware, Virus, and ad blocking


The Rogue.  USB to Ethernet, two WiFi radios, OpenVPN, Wireguard VPN, Tor and more.

  1. A lean hardened Linux firewall

  2. Plug it into a laptop or a USB battery and just use it

  3. OpenVPN, WireGuard VPN, Tor via Tor bridge or Tor

  4. Captive Portal friendly

  5. Faster wireless only performance, even faster performance using USB - Ethernet

  6. Unlimited bandwidth, Malware, Virus, and ad blocking

The Rouge with a USB-C adapter (not included). Works with new Macs.

The Rouge with a USB-C adapter (not included). Works with new Macs.

The Singularity

The Singularity comes in an internal and external antenna model, both with two Ethernet ports.  The Singularity shares the fast processor of the IGRJ17091.    

The Singularity: internal antenna

The Singularity: internal antenna

With any of our  Firewalls no one entity will know if you are using Tor, a VPN, your IP address, physical location, identity, DNS requests, which Internet services you are using or the content of your encrypted Internet traffic.  This protection extends to your apple watch, phone, tablet, laptop; anything with a WiFi or Ethernet connection.  If you wish to use your phone as the Internet source you can directly tether your phone via a USB cable to the Singularity or the THF.

The Tiny Hardware Firewalls can be powered by any USB power source: your laptop, a charging adapter, or a battery.  A lipstick sized battery will last between 8 and 12 hours.  Batteries the size of a deck of cards will work for over 30 hours.